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Asynchronous Array of Simple Processors (AsAP) project Measurement and Characterization check list

========== AsAP1 testing
 - measure one processor:
    - oscillator frequencies for some number of settings
    - max operating frequency
    - power dissipation
       - clock tree, oscillator, "ext clock" tree 
       - inter-processor interconnect
       - ALU
       - MAC
       - IMEM
       - DMEM
    - power grid noise

    - across supply voltages
    - across instruction types
    - across different data values (random, worst case, fix one input,...)
    - across all processors
    - across task kernels and complex applications
    - across temperatures

 - estimate affect of on-chip noise by running multiple procs
    - measure max freq
    - measure voltage/waveform on one lifted power pad(?)

 - Goals
    - publish key data
    - learn for future chips
    - getting test environment stable and ready for application
      development, especially by outsiders and new students

========== AsAP2 testing
[everything listed above for AsAP1, plus...]

 - leakage
 - find optimal VddHi/VddLow/VddAlwaysOn for different apps for optimum

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