1. IC50:

The different tools available in the IC50 DFII environment for Digital, Analog and Mixed signal design are as follows:

Virtuoso(R) Schematic Composer VHDL Interface [5.0]
Virtuoso(R) Schematic Composer Verilog(R) Interface [5.0]
Virtuoso(R) Schematic Composer HSPICE Interface [5.0]
Virtuoso(R)-XL Layout Editor [5.0]
Virtuoso(R) Compactor [5.0]
Cadence(R) Analog Oasis Run-Time Option [5.0]
Cadence(R) Electronic Design for Manufacturability Option [5.0]
Cadence(R) SPICE [5.0]
Spectre(R) Circuit Simulator [5.0]
Spectre(R)-RF Simulation Option [5.0]
Cadence(R) Analog HSPICE Interface Option [5.0]
Virtuoso(R) Schematic Composer [5.0]
Cadence(R) Analog Design Environment [5.0]
Dracula(R) Graphical User Interface [5.0]
Virtuoso(R) Schematic Composer to design compiler integration [5.0]
Cadence(R) RC Network Reducer Option [3.0]
Cadence(R) AMS Designer Environment [5.0]
Dracula(R) Physical Verification and Extraction Suite [4.9]
Diva(R) Physical Verification and Extraction Suite [5.0]
Cadence(R) SKILL Development Environment [CAT 97B]
Virtuoso(R) EDIF 200 Reader [5.0]
Virtuoso(R) EDIF 300 Connectivity Reader/Writer [5.0]
Virtuoso(R) EDIF 300 Schematic Reader/Writer [5.0]
These can be summerized as:
                   Executable        Tasks
Front End
                   icde                Basic digital and analog design entry
                   icds                Front-end design (icde plus digital design environment
                   icms               Front-end analog, mixed signal, and
                                         microwave design (icds plus analog, mixed
                                         signal, and microwave environment and Diva LVS)
                   icca                Front-end design with floorplanning (icds)
                   layout            Basic layout design with interactive DRC
                   layoutPlus      Basic layout design with automated design
                                        tools and interactive verification (layout
                                        plus, Virtuoso® Compactor, Diva, InQuery, VXL)
Place and Route
                   icca               Cell-based chip assembly
                   msfb             Mixed-signal IC design. Excludes Place andRoute software
                   icfb               Front-to-back design (includes most Cadence tools)
                                       Chip Finishing
                   vce               Chip finishing for custom and digital designs
                                       using SoC Encounter and the Virtuoso Chip Editor on OpenAccess.

As mentioned above, all the frontend and backend tools can be invoked into a single environment by using the command "icfb".
All the above binaries are stored at "common/pkg/cadence/IC50/tools.hppa/dfII/bin"

Setup for IC50:

Add the following statements in your .cshrc file in your home area:

setenv CDS_LICENSE_DIR /usr/pkg/cadence
setenv CDS_LIC_FILE /usr/pkg/cadence/license.778494b7
setenv CDS_Netlisting_Mode Analog
setenv CDS_LOG_VERSION sequential

Starting IC50:

To start all the above mentioned tools for Digital, Analog and Mixed signal design, use the following command in unix shell: "icfb"

A CIW window would show up. In this window use, Tools - Library Manager to open the library manager.
From the library manager, you can create a new library and any type of cellview. The different types of cellview Schematic, Symbol, Layout, Verilog Editor, VHDL Editor, Virtuoso Layout Editor, etc.

2. DSM SE5.3: (For Place and Route)
Silicon Ensemble-Gate Ensemble(R)-Ultra Place-and-Route

Binaries/Excutable: /usr/pkg/cadence/DSME53/tools/dsm/bin/se24

3. SPR: (Synthesis, Place and Route)
Buildgates Extreme Synthesis

Binaries/Excutable: /usr/pkg/cadence/SPR50/BuildGates/v05.00-p008/bin/pks_shell

4. LDV:
Cadence(R) Simulation Analysis Environment [4.1]
Cadence(R) NC-Sim Mixed-Language Simulator [4.1]
Cadence(R) NC-Verilog(R) Simulator [4.1]
Cadence(R) NC-VHDL Simulator [4.1]
Cadence(R) Verification Cockpit [4.1]
Cadence(R) AMS Designer Simulator [4.1]

Binaries/Excutable: /usr/pkg/cadence/LDV41/tools/dsm/bin/ncvlog

5. SOC:
Cadence(R) First Encounter Ultra [2002.3]
Silicon Ensemble(TM)-PKS Optimization [1.1]

Binaries/Excutable: /usr/pkg/cadence/SOC23/tools/dsm/bin/ncvlog

CM00100: PacifIC Static Noise Analyzer for Custom Digital ICs [4.0]
CM00200: SeismIC Substrate Noise Analyzer for Mixed Signal ICs [4.0]
CM00300: CeltIC Crosstalk Analyzer for Cell-based Designs [4.0]

Binaries/Excutable: /usr/pkg/cadence/CADMOS41/

7. ICC:
Virtuoso(R) Custom Placer [11.0]
Virtuoso(R) Custom Router [11.0]
Cadence(R) Chip Assembly Router [11.0]

Binaries/Excutable: /usr/pkg/cadence/ICC110/

NeoCell Analog Physical Synthesis

Binaries/Excutable: /usr/pkg/cadence/NEOCELL31/

SPW Wideband CDMA Library [4.8]
SPW Communication Library [4.8]
SPW GSM Verification Environment [4.8]SPWLTI [4.8]
SPW IS136 Verification Environment [4.8]SPW Multimedia Design Kit [4.8]
Cadence(R) SPW Model Manager [4.8]
Cadence(R) Signal Processing Worksystem link to NC Simulators [4.8]
SPW PCS CDMA Verification Environment [4.8])
SPW WLAN Library [4.8]

Binaries/Excutable: /usr/pkg/cadence/SPW481/

10. PSD:

Binaries/Excutable: /usr/pkg/cadence/PSD142

Use the command "cdsdoc' in unix shell to invoke the documentation.
Here are some related docs.
1. Composer - NC Verilog Integration for Composer User Guide
                    - Verilog-XL Integration for Composer User Guide
3. Virtuoso Layout Editor
4. Cadence to Synopsys Interface User Guide

Verilog Simulator

There are two ways to use Verilog, either through DFII environment OR using the LDV binaries.

- After opening the DFII env by using "icfb" command, create a new library. In this library, create a cellview for Verilog Editor and a cellview for Schematic. You can write your code in verilog Editor.
- From the schematic window, use Tools - Simulation - VerilogXL to open the VerilogXL simulation window. OR you can open NCVerilog simulation window. Cadence has two Verilog simulators. NCverilog is the new version and is faster.

LDV: Compile the Verilog code using the executable /usr/pkg/cadence/LDV41/tools/dsm/bin/ncvlog

BuildGates is the Synthesizer of Cadence.
Excutable: /usr/pkg/cadence/SPR50/BuildGates/v05.00-p008/bin/pks_shell
Run the synthesis script in this shell.