Tools Installed Locally

Tool Version Location Comments
Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.5.5 /usr/bin/acroread  
AsAP Mapping Tool 1.0.0 /net/pizza/tools/bin/asapmap Documentation
Calibre 2008.2_33.26 /net/pizza/tools/mentor/ixl_cal_2008.2_33.26  
Calibre 2013.4_26.18 /net/pizza/tools/mentor/ixl_cal_2013.4_26.18  
CosmosScope Z-2007.03-SP2 /net/pizza/tools/synopsys/Z-2007.03-SP2  
Design Compiler J-2014.09 /net/pizza/tools/synopsys/syn/syn_vJ-2014.09/ Only runs on x64 systems (steak, crepe, cookie, olive, burger)
Design Compiler F-2011.09-SP1 /net/pizza/tools/synopsys/syn/F-2011.09-SP1/ Runs on all our computers (both our x64 systems and i686 systems)
Eclipse SDK 3.2.0 /net/pizza/tools/eclipse CDT 3.0.0 Installed
HSPICE B-2008.06 /net/pizza/tools/synopsys/hspice/B-2008.06  
HSPICE I-2013.12-1 /net/pizza/tools/synopsys/hspice/I-2013.12-1  
HSPICE J-2014.09-1 /net/pizza/tools/synopsys/hspice/hspice_vJ-2014.09-1  
IC Virtuoso 5.10.41 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/IC5141  
IC Virtuoso 6.14.5 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/IC610  
IC Virtuoso 6.15.11 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/IC615  
IC Virtuoso 6.16.80 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/IC616  
Inkscape 0.44.1 /net/pizza/8/inkscape  
InstallScape 04.23-s008 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/iscape  
Java SDK 6.19 /net/pizza/tools/jre-6.19  
Magic 7.4.19 /net/pizza/tools/magic Includes IRSIM 9.7.23
Mozilla Firefox 26 /net/pizza/tools/firefox-26 Installation instructions:
  1. download firefox
  2. switch to user vcl, "su - vcl"
  3. backup old firefox version and extract new firefox archive
  4. make sure everything is writeable only for user vcl, and has group vcl_cad, "chmod -R go-w" and "chgrp -R vcl_cad" otherwise some user settings get saved there
  5. copy the plugin files from the old version, "cp firefox.old/plugins/*"
  6. move it to /net/pizza/tools if not there already
Nanosim V-2005.09 /net/pizza/8/nanosim-2005.09  
Nanosim Z-2007.03-SP2 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/Z-2007.03-SP2  
NCVerilog 14.10-s004 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/INCISIV141  
PrimeTime J-2014.06-SP2 /net/pizza/tools/synopsys/primetime/pts_vJ-2014.06-SP2 Only runs on x64 systems (steak, crepe, cookie, olive, burger)
PrimeTime H-2013.06-SP3-6 /net/cookie/tmp2/synopsys.old/primetime/pts_vH-2013.06-SP3-6/ Only runs on x64 systems (steak, crepe, cookie, olive, burger)
SOC Encouter GDS 5.2 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/SOC52  
SOC Encouter GDS 6.1 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/SOC61  
SOC Encouter GDS 6.2 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/SOC62  
SOC Encouter GDS 9.1 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/EDI91  
SOC Encouter GDS 11.0 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/EDI110  
SOC Encouter GDS 14.1 /net/pizza/tools/cadence/EDI141  
TexLive (Latex) 2008 /net/pizza/tools/texlive  
VIM 7.0.35 /net/pizza/tools/vim  

Keeping Old Versions of Tools

Never delete an old version of a tool that you didn't just install yourself. Older tools often are deleted from the software supplier's site (e.g. Synopsys) and we would have no way of reinstalling if some older versions of tools are deleted.

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Last update: November 15, 2014