VCL Guidelines

Conventions, and good group etiquette

Guidelines for presentations and papers

Common Errors and Weaknesses in Writing

Before Asking Someone to Proofread and Edit Your Paper

When Your Paper is Submitted

When Your Paper is Accepted

After Your Paper Appears at the Conference or in the Journal

Travel Expense Guidelines

Our sponsors and the university expect us to use our funds wisely. Therefore, we must follow these guidelines concerning expenses for which you would like to be reimbursed. There can be exceptions to these rules when it makes sense and when funding is available, but you must talk to me (Bevan) first; thanks.

Guidelines for Responses to Reviewers' Comments

Guidelines for Writing Reviews for External Papers

Long-running Computer Jobs

We have about 35 cpus in the linux machines in the group that need to be shared among all of us. Here are a few principles for sharing them:

Preparing for your Ph.D. preliminary exam

Recommendations from exam alumni:

Preparing for your Ph.D. Qualifying exam

Thoughts on staying productive in research

Thoughts on advisor ↔ student interactions and expectations

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Last update: February 19, 2023