KiloCore: A Fine-Grained 1,000-Processor Array for Task Parallel Applications

Brent Bohnenstiehl
Aaron Stillmaker
Jon J. Pimentel
Timothy Andreas
Bin Liu
Anh T. Tran
Emmanuel Adeagbo
Bevan M. Baas

VLSI Computation Laboratory
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California, Davis


KiloCore is an array of 1,000 independent processors and 12 memory modules designed to support applications that exhibit fine-grained task-level parallelism. Each programmable processor occupies 0.055 mm2 and supports energy-efficient computation of small tasks. Processors are connected using circuit and packet-based networks. Fine-grained tasks have low communication link densities, allwoing most links to be assigned to the energy-efficient, high-performance circuit network.



Brent Bohnenstiehl, Aaron Stillmaker, Jon Pimentel, Timothy Andreas, Bin Liu, Anh Tran, Emmanuel Adeagbo and Bevan Baas, "KiloCore: A Fine-Grained 1,000-Processor Array for Task-Parallel Applications," IEEE Micro, vol. 37, no. 2, pp. 63–69, March-April 2017.

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