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Getting Started in the VCL Lab

This page lists tasks needed to get setup in the VCL group.

1. Get added to the VCL netgroup (allow logins to VCL machines etc.)

2. Keeping in touch

  1. Get added to email list. Dr. Baas will add you using this link.

    ManageSubscribers > Add a user > Add > then after address has been added, click on the email address in the main table and add their name there.

  2. Email your mobile phone number to Dr. Baas.

3. Get access codes to the labs

4. Set up your ~/.cshrc file

5. Add Synopsis to your .software file

6. Set default unix group to "vcl" (so file group ownership is correct)

7. Add the Matlab path to your .login file

8. Picture for the main VCL web page

9. Setup a google calendar

10. EEC 290C and EEC 299

11. Check out a git tree (KiloCore and other things)

12. Optional: Check out an SVN tree (AsAP2 I think)

13. Optional: Check out a CVS tree (AsAP1 I think)

14. Optional: Add AsAP-ASM syntax highlighting to your nedit.rc file (less important in 2013)

  1. Run "nedit -import /net/pizza/tools/bin/DOT.nedit"
  2. Click "Preferences" -> "Save Defaults" -> "OK"
  3. Restart nedit by running "nedit"

15. Read some of our introductory papers

    The best papers to read will depend on your own project direction, but these papers will be informative for all new students (read in the order listed):

16. Later: Obtain access to VCL web space on web file server

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Last update: October 8, 2018